When playing back movie files, you can also opt for “frame-by-frame” playback, which plays back the movie file slowly, several frames at a time. If you want to connect to a computer or a television, you must use the included camera dock. The door covering the battery and memory card compartment seems very flimsy, as well. Flickr has announced that it will not delete images from its Creative Commons or Flickr Commons collections and is working hand-in-hand with institutions and non-profits to “keep these photos safe and available for the world to view and enjoy. Two things to mention here: We saw better performance from the T1, however. Just below the flash is the AF-assist lamp, which doubles as the self-timer lamp.

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This is the tendency for the lens to bend straight lines outward like a barrel–usually at wide angle or inward like a pincushion–usually at telephoto. As you’d expect on an ultra-compact model like this one, you cannot attach an external flash to the camera.

I am not claiming that this is the most scientific tests, esc it should give you an indication of the recycling speed of the camera. NASA has shared the first 8K footage filmed from outer space.

Sony Cyber-shot T33

Look to a manufacturer such as SanDisk to get better prices on memory sticks rather than Sony who sells memory sticks at a much higher price. The power button illuminates green when the camera’s power is on. A bit too “hot” on bright reds, slightly less on greens. Nikon’s Coolpix P has moved the zoom needle from ‘absurd’ to ‘ludicrous,’ with an equivalent focal length of mm.


A nice, ssc continuous mode that’s quite a bit faster than those normally found on subcompact digital cameras. There is also a white version which may be available in some European countries.

Use these numbers to compare with other cameras of similar resolution, or use them to see just what higher resolution ddc mean in terms of potential detail. Press Release Specifications Press Release: You can even choose sonj edit or print your photos while the battery charges. A surprising number of “lost” images can be recovered with an inexpensive, easy dsd use piece of software though. The T33 is a very stylish, ultra-thin metal camera that will attract attention wherever it goes.

Tracking lags behind the D, mirrorless competition. A Smart Zoom function allows you to add even more detail to your image by using the higher mega pixel CCD to zoom in to your subject by up to a factor of twelve and cropping the image to VGA size. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Sony DSC T33 Digital Camera Review (pics, specs) – DigitalCameraReview

Single AF is just like you’re used to: In the case of the Sony T33, we found that it had enough resolution to make good-looking 13×19 prints, although they were just a little soft. Similarly, the only tripod mount is found on the bottom of the camera dock, which is pretty awkward. When combined with the noise reduction, it seems that Marti’s hair and face are very blurry, while the flowers are tack sharp. These can be shot at a rate of 30 frames per second.

There is no viewfinder. At roughly the same size as esc small makeup compact and with almost the same outline as a credit card, the DSC-T33 is definitely pocket friendly and travel-worthy.


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T33

The camera comes with an adaptor so that you can slot the memory stick duo into card fsc built only to support the original Memory Stick format. This is a decent starter size, but you’ll want a larger card right away if you plan on taking more than a handful of images or movies.

Below the Menu button, this button activates the Image Size setting in any Record mode. I think the DSC-T33 is an excellent camera ddc the money. The T33 starts up quickly, focuses quickly even in low lightthere’s no shutter lag, and shot-to-shot speeds are superb.

The maximum distance is just 1. The other important part of color rendition is hue accuracy. Lomography launches dsv 35mm monochrome film stock cut from German cine film rolls. The camera’s slim dimensions and large LCD panel are distinctive design features.

The menu system is so simple and intuitive I think even novice users will be able to become completely familiar with it in an hour or less. The menu is overlay-style — meaning that its shown on top of the image you’re preparing to shoot — and it’s pretty easy-to-use.

For faces though, the result can nonetheless be pleasing, if not strictly accurate.