Using Print Materials This chapter will help you understand types of paper you can use with this printer and how to properly load paper in the tray for the best print quality. Using an existing Watermark To change the print settings from your software application, access the printer properties. The sheet main paper tray is supplemented by a hand-feed bypass tray for single sheets and a rear exit door to direct card stock, labels, and other delicate media away from the tight bend into the main output tray. Sponsored Read Full Review. Oil from your fingers can cause print quality problems.

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Click the Paper tab to access various paper properties.

Make sure that all of the paper is properly aligned in samwung tray. Press and hold down the Cancel button on the control panel for about 10 seconds. The Linux Printer Configuration window opens.

Administrator Login window may appear. Samsung laser printer ml-1740 Features Special Features Your new printer is equipped with special features that improve the print quality, giving you a competitive edge.

Check that there is no other paper in the printer.

Be careful not to be burned when accessing this area. Reinsert the toner cartridge into the printer. Click Edit in the Overlay section. Page 46 Select a job you want to cancel. The basic print settings are selected within the Print window.


Printing a Document When you print with a Macintosh computer, you need to check the printer software setting in each application you use. Solving General Printing Problems For problems with the operation of your printer, refer to the table for suggested solutions.

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Click OK and print the document. There are several predefined watermarks that come with the printer, and they can be modified or you can add new ones to the list.

Page 54 Adjust the guides to fit the width of the paper stack. Using The Tray, Loading Paper If you do not want to print to the rear output tray then close the tray. For details, see page 4. Page Login field and enter the system password. Samsung laser printer ml-1740 78 In the Overlays window, click Create Overlay.

The sheet main paper tray is supplemented by a hand-feed bypass tray for single sheets and a rear exit door to direct card stock, labels, and prijter delicate media away from the tight bend samsung laser printer ml-1740 the main output tray.

You can enter the desired text message in the Watermark Message box. Exposed adhesive can also cause damage to printer components.

You may unsubscribe from samsung laser printer ml-1740 newsletters at any time. Using The Lawer Feeder Source from the software application, and then samsung laser printer ml-1740 the correct paper size and type.


Page 99 Adobe Illustrator. Background Printing Select priority for your print job in the queue of jobs waiting to print, click one of the following: Page CUPS 1.

You need only Regards tell the printer to print the letterhead overlay on your document. Plug the USB printer cable into the connector on the back of the printer.

Samsung ML-1740

Printing Posters 9, or 16 sheets of paper, for the purpose of pasting the sheets together to form one poster-size document.

When you print, configure the paper source, type and size properly in the software application. Open the input tray and load paper into the tray as shown below. Do not remove the lader while a job is printing. The samsung laser printer ml-1740 tray takes a full sheets, which is a nice touch that’s somewhat surprising at this price. Text quality earned a rating of somewhat-better-than-good, samsung laser printer ml-1740 more than half of the fonts we tested easily readable at 5 points and some prjnter at 4 points.