But this is a cosmetic issue and shouldn’t cause a problem. Thanks for your assistance! Failed to load overlay ‘spi-gpio-cs’. Failed to load overlay ‘spi-gpio-cs’ But besides that I need to recompile the kernel and so on I I read about that here: I will play around with this and let you know the results. Kernel trailer DDTK property says yes

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Thanks for your assistance! Transmission and the reception done with interrupt technique 5. I’m trying to port an old project in which, over the years, I ran out of RAM.

Sc16ie752 of the echo function using the serial terminal.

Now I can see spidev0. The example shows the device functionality by creating a simple echo transmission, where you are able to read what you just write into the device. The registers are shift 3 positions left because the UART’s internal register select are the bits 3: I 2 C data sc16si752 and read operations 3.

SC16IS (SC16IS7XX driver) Device Tree problem – Raspberry Pi Forums

Setting a higher priority might help, though I personally would simply create a second buffer that irq could use to store data and pass a pointer of it to your process. Failed to load overlay ‘spi-gpio-cs’ Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

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I’m asking that, cause I’m prototyping with the Raspberry Pi. Renaming the clock nodes and the overlays themselves to be more logicalI ended up with these: But queued work is performed within 25ms after interrupt occurs. Device lonux loaded to 0x2fffc size 0x3ef8 Sign up using Email and Password. sc116is752

linux SC16IS752 driver,Receive Line Status error

Here is the output from “dmesg -l err” with both instances loading [ 0. Email Required, but never shown. I’ve tried to play with the priorities and scheldule policies, but it also did not give the desired results. I 2 C data write and read operations.

Select all -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root May 3 Because in your case the clock nodes both have the same name which in my opinion ought to be OK because they are effectively local to each devicethe second clock instance never gets created and the second driver instance hangs around waiting for it. And I faced the problem of long latencies. Failed to load overlay ‘spi-gpio-cs’. Read command line from file ‘cmdline. There might be a bug with using multiple instances of the driver.

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SC16IS752 – Bare metal example project

In the DT case the name can either come from the “clock-output-names” property or, in its absence, the name of the node that declares the clock.

I will play around with this and let you know the results.

Thanks to a major collaborator for this document David Diaz Marin. But besides that I need to recompile the kernel and so on I I read about that here: Context switch surely takes some time, but 25ms looks way too long for that only; maybe a higher liunx process -es is running.

The devices are connected to spi0 on CS0 and CS1. What is the correct solution in this situation and how to reduce 25ms latency in Linux Kernel?

This device every 1s sends packets containing about bytes data. Besides that, can’t I just compile the c-File https: If you are building your own kernel, you can see if the module is loaded using lsmod.