Schizoid eyes stare demented and accusing, voice roars raw and abrasive, rasping like a power. Their second single, the Pursey produced ‘I’m An Upstart’, was released in April ’79, charted, and was chased hard by the ‘Teenage Warning’ single and album The Cockney Rejects were also the real deal, this time the sons of dockers from London’s East End, but their music wasn’t political. He never turned up for the second one. Caroline Coon in Melody Maker and John Ingram in Sounds covered punk first; Parsons and Burchill who covered it best came slightly later and fighting the NME establishment all the way , but they were matched column inch for column inch by Savage and Suck in Sounds. I haven’t got fortunes but I’m able to do that. He writes that the “predominantly Asian area

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Strong words that they had to back up the first time they played outside of the East End, supporting the Upstarts at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Hitting back, Bell threatened to kill Wade Senior. Pre-Oi street punk classics.

Southall proved the catalyst for a spate of anti-government riots and there was no doubt where the Oi! Born from the Pistols via Menace, Sham and Skrewdriver, and in the pioneering wake of the Rejects and the Upstarts, this new breed are blowing up in your face. Duringhooligan audiences, especially in South East London, found new live laughs in the shape of Peckham-based piss-artist pranksters Splodgenessabounds, whose brand of coarse comedy and punk energy scored three top thirty singles that year.

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The Upstarts got the last laugh though when in April ’79 they conned a Prison Chaplain into inviting them to play a gig at Northumbria’s Acklington Prison where ironically Keith Bell had finished his last sentence. How many people my age were that up on Third Reich sloganeering? Everyone agreed on the need for raw r’n’r, and the sense of benefit gigs, but there was a heated difference of opinion on politics.

Inthis was the LIFE!

Nicky Crane: The secret double life of a gay neo-Nazi – BBC News

At North London’s Electric Ballroom, of West Ham’s finest mob-charged less than fifty Arsenal and smacked them clean out of the venue. To the fast-talking wide-boys who adopted its name however, Oi was something else entirely. The model of the sort of gig the bands wanted came in February with the second New Punk Convention, this time held at the Bridge House with skrewdrvier 4-Skins headlining and introduced by the king of rude reggae himself, Judge Dread.

Opposing them were a raft of equally extreme Trotskyist bands and performers, like the Redskins, the Newtown Neurotics, Attila and Seething Wells.

Nicky Crane

Rotten wanted to be anarchy, Hodges is painting vivid visions of what that really means. Infa-Riot were attacked at the Club by Nazis. MAD tour booking were a major force in bringing British Oi back to life.

But I do know this: The problem was football-related. The 4-skins refused to play RAR gigs, not wanting to be poster boys for Trotskyism. Infa-Riot were the same, professing no football affiliations. Lee Wilson of Infa-Riot agreed. Inevitably by the early Eighties, Robert was closely associated with the New Romantics i. Sussed skins like the Redskins more for their music than their politics. T he Cockney Rejects’ performance at Birmingham’s Cedar Club remains unnoted in the annals of rock history.


For a full list of upcoming gigs, exhibitions and talks celebrating ranting poetry and its legacy click here. It was a mistake, but it was an honest mistake. Back home though, Oi as we first knew it died at the end of ‘ Ekrewdriver Link couldn’t reverse the decline. After 21 years this piece was written in we’re still winding up the mugs.

Would you ask a bricklayer to build a wall without a trowel and a level? Punk Lives called it “a glimpse of the future Oi! Crane appeared on several T-shirts and calendars produced by the Aldgate skinhead shop The Last Resort during the s. Stinky’s school pals the Rubber Glove firm aside, The Rejects crew came skrewddriver football and consisted largely of West Ham chaps attracted by Vince’s involvement and disillusioned Sham and Menace busjell.

On the song ‘Urban Guerrilla’ he spoke these words: The mentality is essentially male, though a lot of girls are involved.