To move forward print the next option , press the button. Turn power off and on again. The Fault indicator blinks, indicating you should change the position of the paper select lever. Press the button or the button to save 8 lines per inch as the new power-on defaults in Macro 2 and exit Macro 2. If jamming problems continue, try a different type of label.

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Using a soft vacuum brush, vacuum the exterior of the printer. Place the continuous forms paper below the digitxl and pass the paper through the slot of the table then through the bottom slot of the printer up to the platen. Place printer in pause state On — Off Press Pause. The number of beeps corresponds to the number of times you press the button.

Digital LA30W Cartridges

Insert the paper into the cut sheet stand. The forms tractor unit must be installed at the rear of the printer. Character codes correspond to NRs in the preceding table. When using paper-stapled multipart forms, leave the cut sheet stand e raised in the up position. Save the Top-of-Form value: When the button is released, the new value is printed next to the current value.

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Unlike resident fonts, soft fonts are available only when in the printer memory. Check whether the tip of the print head is dirty. This function is useful for checking the printer settings when you first enter the Set-Up mode or just before you exit. Permanent Memory Memory that retains information even when power is turned off. The following errors cause the printer to turn off the power: Paper Handling Problems and Solutions Make sure that continuous forms paper or single sheet paper is loaded in the printer.

This section contains an introductory outline of the options available. When using continuous forms with the cut sheet stand in up position, always spread the cut sheet stand paper guides to their extreme position before feeding the paper. The print buffer holds the data to be printed. The printer is automatically placed in the Ready state.

Digital LA30W

Stains or smudges appear on the page. The Macro selection changed is permanently retained in the printer. Most users do not need the information in this appendix.

In fact, your software often overrides the printer settings. Apply a small amount of alcohol or water to a soft cloth. Characters printed the second time are shifted slightly to the right. M1 and M2 will turn blinking alternately for 3 seconds.

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Pull the right vigital of the head lock wire q forward to release it from the hook at the right of the print head carriage. The continuous forms paper advances from the park position to the top-of-form position. The former is for options in Macro 1 and Macro 2 and the latter is for options independent of Macro selection.

Pn Numeric parameter, or number of units that specify a distance or quantity pertaining to the escape sequence, control function or control string.

Digital LA30W Cartridges

Control Panel A panel containing the printer indicators and buttons. If the new value is not 20 COL, repeat this operation. The lighted indicator w shows the font selected. Paper thickness LA30N — mm 4—