Finished experimenting with the webcam and decided to just do some normal observing. Monday – Friday, 8: These weld overlays greatly enhance the erosion and abrasion resistance of our hard welded parts. Did you like this? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Some of the primary stars in Cassiopeia and Auriga were nice and bright with diffraction spikes clearly visible on the bright stars, and still picking up fainter stars probably down to approx 8th or 9th Mag. In Auriga I hunted out M36 and M38 successfully, but was unable to view M37which the Moon was overpowering, and my star-hoppping was unable to locate. Whether you choose a cam for street, strip or off-road, you can be certain the same attention to detail wfb given to all applications.

Live cams Arlberg – Live pictures from the winter sport region in Lech

With this extensive collection of originals, combined with the many years of experience working with them, WEB-CAM has become the natural choice of antique restorers worldwide for their camshaft work. As usual though, it was very low in the sky, and I have only a short timeslot due to gaps between buildings.

Tonights viewing was an attempt to obtain some better webcam footage of Jupiter. Subscribe in a reader.

For the faintest 5fps was required with absolutely minimum slowest shutter speed, and almost max gainmax contrastand centre brightness. The entire crew at WEB-CAM has a dedication to top quality workmanship and reflects the owners dedication to quality, performance and innovation.


Auriga Webcam

This time I have not used the moon filterbut instead adjusted the gain right down, and FPS up, so as to give a nicely dim image, with plenty of detail, and as well-focused as I could. Next took some new Webcam footage of the Moonsomething I have not done for quite a while. The top professionals have put their trust in our constant research and development program that includes race track and dyno testing.

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Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday at Did you like this? Our web site lists our most popular products and services. Auiga can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Monday – Friday 8: In addition, they offer very high thermal fatigue resistance.

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If your vehicle is not listed, it does not mean that we do not have profiles and parts available for it. We have products for over vehicles. Mail will not be published required. Monochrome imageand picture enhancement off.

If your application is not listed here, please contact us, we can probably help you. Our nickel based hard facing alloys are homogeneous materials containing complex microscopic bi- and tri-metallics.

Live cams Arlberg – pictures of the Auriga

We are constantly designing new profiles for new applications, so if you want up to the minute information please don’t hesitate to call us directly, we are here ajriga help you.


Please contact our factory direct for specific prices and services available for antique automotive and motorcycle camshafts. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Did some extensive experimentation of video capture settings with the webcam to see what magnitude of stars the webcam could pull out.

These weld overlays greatly enhance the erosion and abrasion resistance of our hard welded parts. Listed in this site are our most popular applications. Comments links could be nofollow free.

Stock and high performance profiles are available. Managed to get some short captures using K3CCDTools at prime focus, and reasonably sharp focus thanks to the new dual-speed crayfordbut when attempting to get Barlowed capture it was incredibly blurry from bad seeing, and with probably only 15 minutes til Jupiter set below the rooftops.

Moon is 1 day from full, and very bright tonight in an almost cloudless sky. Finished experimenting with the webcam and decided to just do some normal observing.