Locks the battery in position. Lamp s inside this product contain mercury and must be recycled or disposed of according to local, state or federal laws. Disposal instructions Do not throw this electronic device into the trash when discarding. Look at the power indicator: The content area on the right shows both individual pictures and

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Drivers For Free – Acer Aspire Bluetooth Drivers

Closed Front View Item Description Click buttons The left and right buttons function like the left and left, center right mouse buttons; the center button serves as a 4-way and right scroll button. Music, Video, etc on gluetooth Arcade home page.

At first launch, Acer eRecovery prepares all the needed software and may take few seconds to bring up the software content window. Connect to USB 2. Enable Disk-to-disk Recovery Enable disk-to-disk recovery To enable disk-to-disk recovery hard disk recoveryactivate the BIOS utility, then select Main from the categories listed at the top of the azpire.

The mail and Web browser buttons are pre-set to email and Internet programs, but can be reset by users. Before performing a restore operation, please check the BIOS settings.

When using the touchpad, keep it — and your fingers — dry and clean. Touchpad Touch-sensitive pointing device which functions like a computer mouse. Advanced Settings There are settings in Acer Arcade that allow you to fine tune its performance to your machine and your personal preferences.

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Special Considerations 36300 considerations In addition to the guidelines for taking the computer home, follow these aspier to protect your computer while traveling: You may choose any one of the four display settings indicated below To minimize pollution and ensure utmost protection of the global environment, please recycle.

Your guides To help you use aspirs Acer notebook, we have designed a set of guides: To rotate a picture in full-screen, click Rotate right or Rotate left. Access context menu Scroll Note: Optical disk access Lights up when the optical drive is active. Reinstall the battery pack, and reconnect the AC adapter.

Acer Aspire 3630 Notebook Windows XP Drivers, Applications, Updates

You can also view a single picture by clicking on it. Acer eRecovery Acer eRecovery is a tool to quickly backup and restore the system. Check to see if Acer disk-to-disk recovery is enabled or not.

The Arcade Remote Control for Selected Models The Arcade remote control for selected models The system also provides a remote control for a convenient way to control the features of Arcade mode.

The Settings page is reached by the Advanced Settings button on the Home page. Insert a clip to the emergency eject hole to eject the optical drive tray when the computer is off.

Acer Aspire 3630 User Manual

See “Acer eManager” on page Special Considerations Special considerations Follow these guidelines to protect your computer while traveling to and from work: It indicates no endorsement of the product by Telecom, nor does it provide any sort of warranty. Dvd Settings “Original” uses the color scheme of the disk you are watching, while “Vivid,” “Bright,” and “Theatre” add enhanced color to the video display.


Item Description Click buttons The left and right buttons function like the left and left, center right mouse buttons; the center button serves as a 4-way and right scroll button. Requesting Service To start the recovery process: Troubleshooting This chapter shows you how to deal with common system problems. If it is crossed-out, click on the icon and deselect the Mute all option.

To use the network feature, connect an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet RJ port on the chassis of the computer to a network jack or hub on your network. First Things First First things first We would like to thank you for making an Acer notebook your choice for meeting your mobile computing needs. Use of pulse dialing, when this equipment is connected to the same line as other equipment, may give rise to bell tinkle or noise and may also cause a false answer condition.

Entering passwords When a password is set, a password prompt appears in the center of the display screen.