Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals. This item allow user set the machine power state when connect the AC power. Removing the DIMM 1. Enabled This item is used to enable or disable the typematic rate setting including Typematic Rate and Typematic Delay. Boot Other Device Chapter 2 This parameter allows you to specify the system boot up search sequence.

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Follow the instruction on screen to complete the process. The available setting values are 3 and 1. This item allow user set the machine power state when connect the AC power.

Product data Acer Aspire SA85 GHz IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® Tower PC PCs/Workstations (3)

Remove the two screws on both sides. Lift the Heatsink from the socket. Category Personal Computers, PCs for short, are computers for personal usage.

Supervisor Password has higher priority than User Password. These information is necessary for troubleshooting maybe required when asking for technical support.

Acer Aspire SA85 Drivers Download – Download Center

Some chipsets require this parameter in order to set up the ace configuration properly. This is an auto-generated long summary of Acer Aspire SA85 3.


Oan Chapter1 System Specifications Select the desired restore action and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the restore process. Return to original state by pushing external switch button, modem ring in, keyboard and mouse for APM mode. Chapter 2 25 Product Information The screen below appears if you select Product Information from the main menu: Loosen the two screws on each side to detach the FDD.

Acer Aspire SA85 XP Home Desktop

Sa885 S1 sleep mode is a low power state. III Conventions The following conventions are used in this manual: We map away wrong codes or sometimes logistic variants.

At first launch, Acer eRecovery prepares all the needed software and may take few seconds to bring up the software content window. If your hard disk performance becomes unstable, you may manually try the slower mode. T Load Default Settings These parameter settings can be loaded through this menu, however, the stable default values may be affected.

Pop up the clips on both sides.


Acer Aspire SA85 Drivers Download

You will be asked to confirm the password. The information stored in memory will be used to restore the PC to the previous state when an wake-up event occurs. T ACPI specification 1.

Before you proceed, make sure you have turned off the system and all peripherals connected to it. Refer to the table below for information: On This item is to set the Gate A20 status. Some manufacturers license their brand names to other producers.

Select the backup method. TM2 Bus VID This item represents the voltage of the throttled performance state that will be initiated when the on-die sensor goes from not hot to hot. Norton AntiVirusAdobe Reader 7. The following table describes the parameters found in this menu: T Provides DMI 2. Create factory default image CD 4.