For instance, tilting the screen was a little stiff, and the base did not offer the weight and support of some other models. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. I figured I could upgrade the driver from the CD or online. Nevertheless, despite being a no-frills offering, the ALW was a quite attractive display, certainly not looking out of place in an office space. It had the best image of the monitors on display.

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Acer AL2216W: a worthwhile compromise?

Most of the 24″ LCDs on the market include several other input options, making them better for anyone that wants a multifunction display. They were certainly of the newer generation of TN Film where viewing angles have improved somewhat compared with some older screens.

I am very pleased with the whole package. Log in Don’t have an account?

They brought the box out and it told me little. Being that both models are 5ms rated, this is not really any surprise, but confirms the similarities between the 5ms TN Film generation. I have included the NEC 20WGX2 as a reference since this is widely regarded as one of the fastest panels in practice available today.

As a reminder, the above images show best case left and worst case right images taken from a large selection of camera shots. Without this manoeuvrabilitythe Acer ALW did sit pretty low to the desk. The Matrox dual head works great and I can really see an improvement in the quality of the image on the new LCD since my 19 inch CRT was getting dim and loosing brightness.


I ran the calibration process several times which helped a2l216 the accuracy, but the maximum DeltaE still remained at 3. Images and everything else look great. Well, for the most part, you can lose those suspicions as we found the ALW to perform fairly well–especially for the price.

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Acer AL Specs – CNET

We found that the configuration is relatively easy to use and we were able to quickly navigate through the OSD. Performance Anytime you see a inch display at this price, you begin to become a bit suspect of how it will perform. I went online and checked several reports and found the Acer was not worse than the others and in some ways better. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. I am going to build a new computer soon and I may have to live with the wrong resolution until then or I may have to buy a new graphics card now.

Technical support is available either via phone or online support.

Rear view of the screen. So I did more research and found the 22 inch wide screen is the best bang for the buck.

I thought that was a good price and I could take it home, check it out and bring it back if there were problems. Despite the screens quite large pixel pitch of 0. After determining that the display was nonfunctional, Acer had us pack up the panel sans base and ship it to them. Log in Don’t have an account? However, dark scenes can become a bit of a problem where viewing angles are concerned, since vertical changes in contrast can make the scenes very difficult to see.

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Should you choose to use both inputs, use of a screwdriver to tighten the thumbscrews is pretty much mandatory, at least for the two screws that are nearest each other. Acer manufacturers a lot of LCDs, and they tend to be more value oriented offerings. Click to enlarge Like most LCDs, the two input ports and the power connection point downwards. Having the ability to use an analog VGA connection can be useful at times i.

When I a,2216 if they had any Acer monitors I was told they did not know, but they did not think so. I asked what the differences were between the four Acer 22 inch monitors and the tech guy did not know.

The design and features are basic, and certainly no match for the impressive functionality of models like the Dell monitor range, or others like the Viewsonic VXWM. Gamma was corrected to 2.

I am going to build a new computer soon and I may have to live with the wrong resolution until then or I may have to buy a new graphics acrr now. Stay up to date: