Unreal Tournament 3 [10]—This latest update to Unreal Tournament features better single player, but the action is focused on multiplayer. Yes, it does perform well. If you install the Catalyst 8. Appaling to see that this driver a whql fgs! Power Consumption The X2 is an incredible power hog.

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As long as you run the card with only Catalyst 8.

All three cards run this game pretty well until you get to extreme resolutions with AA and AF applied, but the performance differences are still notable. The only thing more inane than the X2 is plugging besy of them into one system. Melvis Jan 22, Could you just confirm that you have to enable crossfireX and select a tick box in CCC when the vga card is first installed [running a single card] atb Law-II.

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Joined Oct 8, Messages 1, 0. Two things were made very clear with the 3dMark06 benchmark tests: Whatever you may say about the Radeon series, this much is true: I want something that will play bezt games now at x with all the eye candy switched on and will still be able to bedt games in 3 years time at a decent level of IQ. The benchmark mode for Supreme Commander is pretty slick: Joined May 9, Messages 1, 0. Mass Effect Page The Sapphire HD X2 is by the fastest graphics card we have ever reviewed and this performance is truly astounding.


Until Futuremark gives approval to Nvidia drivers that include PhysX optimizations and until more games ship with hardware PhysX support, this is the best means of producing apples-to-apples comparisons. I recently repair a x2 mix 2 breaks one with memory error and one with the fan hs But with installing catalyst One hell of a card which produces performance 4780×2 is unmatched by any single PCIe slot based solution.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. This thread made me update drivers on my X2 system, it still had legacy I have always splashed out on top end cards i build a new pc about overy years and have aways been happy with their life span.

The TOP model is shipped with higher-than-reference clock frequencies.

Without a monitor that can handle x, especially with 2x X2 cards in CrossFire, all that hard earned money spent on graphics hardware is just wasted. Believe it or not – the best just got better.

Best Drivers for a 4870X2??

Problems with Catalyst 8. The same goes for us here at PC.

I believe the less than 1fps crysis result was the problem they were referring to in the text, it is a driver bug with the bewt if I’m not mistaken. Joined Mar 18, Messages 4, 1. Full stripped it down to nothing, cleaned it inside and out, replaced all thermal pads and paste, greased the fan etc.


Best Drivers for a X2?? | TechPowerUp Forums

Gold Tachometer Award Two things were made very clear with the 3dMark06 benchmark tests: Seems to me that the drivers are not picking up that the card runs in crossfire, I 44870×2 no option to turn on bfst off crossfire, only 1 GPU is working when playing games.

But if you want to take the card to its limits, you can get quite a bit more out of the TOP model. That is what they accomplished. World in Conflict v1.

So far so good, right? Anyway so I got it all done took like 4hrs and I put it into my work station PC to test it out, so far so good but im having issues with drivers. Ok some how i got it working. That link doesnt send me to the It is a series of tradeoffs like any other.